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Anti-Embolism Stockings

Neo-Slip is a revolutionary new product that has been designed to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT.

This Multi Award-Winning anti-embolism stocking aid is an effective means of preventing DVT without having to resort to medical treatment. What’s more, Neo-Slip won’t cause discomfort or inconvenience.

The brainchild of a Registered Nurse, Neo-Slip is designed with comfort and safety in mind. The product is used as a compression stocking aid to make applying the stockings as easy as pulling on your socks in the morning.

Nursing Times Patient safety and improvement 2011     National Varsity Pitch people's Choice Award     NACUE/Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths 2011     Finalist in the Royal Collage of Nursing Awards 2011     Nursing Standards Commended 2011     UnLtd Award Winner 2010     West Focus Bright Ideas Award Winner 2010

Crowdfunding Campus Meets : Neomi Bennett

When one hears the words ‘medical aids’, the words ‘easy to use’ and ‘comfortable’ rarely follow – until now. Neomi Bennett – trained nurse and entrepreneur – is bridging the gap between comfort and medical necessity with Neo-Slip®: a revolutionary, easy-to-use anti-embolism stocking aid that has solved a widespread problem for nurses and patients alike. […]

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Podcast: The Enterprise Nation member who’s helping to save lives

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Achieving work life balance – A medical story

A medical career is undoubtedly a rewarding one but it’s also one that can eat into your time. As much as our GPs are required for a series of different ailments, no one can work to the best of their ability if they’re never able to take a break. As such, taking some much needed […]

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Beware asthma can increase susceptibility to Pulmonary Embolism

There have been a recent spate of asthmatics that have developed pulmonary embolism which in some cases have been fatal. So we thought it would be good to see the link between asthma and DVT. People with asthma face a higher risk of pulmonary embolism than the general population, new research out of the Netherlands […]

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