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How Scary is your socks!!

Happy Halloween

At Neo-Slip we want to wish all of you a happy Halloween, get your scary customs and sweet buckets ready for trick or treating. We would just like to thank you for your ongoing support and keeping in touch with us here at Neo-Slip, we have some very exciting projects coming along very soon and would like to share this with you through our blog and various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Remember to keep safe and keep warm during this winter transition, we want to ensure your health and safety is top priority. We are now experiencing a lot of growth and will soon start to move Neo-slip international bringing the world to join the Neo-slip wave and help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis worldwide.In the meantime why not check our website- - and French speakers can hit the link on the site​ for french translation, on our latest offers for Neo-slip.

Happy Halloween!!!

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