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New Chapter Commences!

As we are approaching the end of the year we would like to update you on things going on from our end and what exciting things we have in store in preparing for the next month and the new year.

Next month marks the beginning of our product trial testing period, which will start in three countries in Europe which are France, The

Netherlands and Belgium. We are so excited to start this phase as this is the beginning of our aim to tackle deep vein thrombosis worldwide and no better way than to start in Europe where there is now reported to be high risk across Europe more so within the countries we will be conducting our trial testing but never fear Neo-slip is here to save the day.

For the year of 2019 we hope our trials are successful so we can start pushing Neo-Slip across Europe.

check our website for our latest range of Neo-Slip at - and French speakers can hit the link on the site​ for french translation.

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