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Low emmisions 

At Neo-Innovations UK LTD, our team of nurses provide patients with the best quality service and expert knowledge. We believe in prevention and we support patient's to get the best outcomes from stocking application through providing a first class product. We aim to minimise confusion by providing a simple to use attractive product.

Old and Young

Having the Neo-Slip used when the nurse applied the stocking, I found it very comfortable and I didn't even feel the stocking being applied as the Neo-Slip made the process so smooth. I will be using this again and would recommend it to anyone. “
Joy Grandison (Patient)

T Barra (staff Nurse)

The Neo-Slip was so easy to use and my patients definitely noticed how easy applying the stockings had become, some are even able to apply their stockings themselves now. 
T Barra (staff Nurse)


kelly Anne Marie (patient)

After my knee replacement, I was shocked that I had to wear stocking for 6 weeks. But Neo-slip makes this ok now. Its no longer a problem.
kelly Anne Marie (patient)

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